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Tips For Choosing Baby Clothes

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Now that you have been told that you are expecting, we can only imagine the joy that you are feeling. You have probably been on the phone most of the day trying to spread the good news. The thrill of life growing inside you is simple overwhelming. In fact you can already start imagining yourself feeding the child, bathing it, and taking it to school. Actually, you c an already see what the child will be in the future; a doctor, a teacher, a footballer. All of this just a few hours after being told you are heavy with child.
Well we are also happy for you but hold on, there is work to do. Now that you are sure baby is on the way, you are now expected to start behaving the way mothers do. One of the things that you will have to do as the months go by is to prepare baby’s trousseau. While you may not worry about buying fabulous tutu skirts for the baby and other baby clothes within the first five months of the pregnancy, you should start thinking of it by the sixth month. To help you find your way through we have put together this brief guide.

Choose a color

Many people already know that if they expecting a girl they should be buying pink and if a boy blue. However, that is all good if you know the sex of the child. What if you chose not to know the sex of the child? What if you are not too picky on colors and are happy to go with anyone that picks your fancy? When you are not sure of the sex of the baby or are just one of those who don’t believe in the blue and pink story, you should go for neutral colors. White, cream white and grey or light brown are good colors.


Again here you may want to choose gowns and skirts if you are expecting a girl or trousers and shorts if you are expecting a boy. However, when you don’t care to know the sex of the bay before hand, you can choose to buy first cloths that can be worn by both boys and girls. In this way when the baby is finally here. You can go for sex specific clothes.

Think comfort

While you may want your baby to look smart at all times, consider the baby’s comfort when buying clothes. Generally it is advisable to buy clothes in Melbourne at least one size bigger for the baby. This is because babies grow fast and will outgrow their clothes in very little time. Also think of the weather when choosing fabric. Make sure you choose fabrics that are not irritating to the skin.