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Encourage Your Child To Be Independent When Starting School

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When it comes to making sure that your child actually is ready to start school and take a step into this new part of his or her life you will need to make certain that you as a parent have done everything necessary to be sure that your child has a smooth transition from their life spent at home till that point to something a lot more routine that they will be following for the next twelve to thirteen years of their life. Although it is necessary that you make sure that your child has all the necessary supplies that he or she may need when they start school; ranging from the books that they require to the kids drink bottle that you will have to purchase, it is very important that your child is also aware of a number of things in and around him or her and is familiar with tackling minor ordeals that they may come across during their time as they start this new journey.

Name, address and phone number
As it is your duty as a aren’t to mark the name of your child on all their belongings, it is also important to make sure that your child is able to pick his or her name out of a list. This doesn’t mean that the child should be able to read at the time, at which they enter school, but children have somewhat of a photographic memory and if shown a number of times they will know how their name looks on paper when it is written down. This will help them to identify their belongings by the name written on it out of a number of other items that look the same like picking their lunch box or your children drink bottle out of a number of lunch boxes and bottles or their books out a number that are laid out or are that are available at the time.

Shoes, coats, clothing
Taking good care of their shoes and clothing is also important simply because there is a better chance that you will not need to replace all the items that you have bought for him or her for the new school year. This will also typically mean that thy will know how to look after all their belongings and keep all their stuff organized at all times

Personal hygiene
It is also important that you practice a level of personal hygiene with your child so that they will be able to handle themselves and know what they can or cannot do in a given situation. Teaching them this will also keep them protected against viruses and flus that they will probably pick up from the other members of their school or their class.